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Chris Sherlock

My name is Chris Sherlock and I have lived in Dunedin for the past thirty years. I have been servicing computers for the best part of the last decade trading as Musselburgh Computer Repairs, and have spent most of my working life in problem-solving roles in various industries.

My approach to computer repairs is to try as far as possible to ensure that quite apart from dealing with any immediate problem, that a computer is working correctly, is clear of any malware infection, and with all applicable security-related updates correctly installed.

Computers do wear out in time, and technology is always moving forward, because of this I am always mindful of the cost of repairs relative any residual value of an aging computer, and can be relied on to do my best to advise the owner when the probable cost of repairs is likely to be uneconomic, and that it is actually time to replace the machine.

When I'm not busy dealing with computer problems for Dunedin residents I am occupied repairing classic film cameras for customers from all over the world. You can find my camera website here.