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Email problems


The trouble that you are having with your email is just one of a number of possible faults, and of course there are various solutions.

If your computer is able to connect to the internet, and your email worked fine for you yesterday, but it doesn't today, first you should suspect a problem at your ISP (Internet Service Provider). A phone call to your ISP's help desk can establish whether the problem is a general one affecting many of their customers.

Often enough, there is a problem with their email server, and you are one of hundreds of customers unable to access their email. You can be sure your ISP is focused on getting the service running again as soon as possible.

It might also be that the reason your computer is unable to connect with the email 'server' at your ISP is caused by incorrect, or corrupt username and/or password settings in your email program.

If you are unable to get your email program to connect and send or receive emails, I can certainly determine the cause of your email problems, and hopefully soon have your emails flowing again.

Perhaps you have recently changed to a new internet service provider, and you are having trouble setting up the new email account, that is a task I can do for you.

A common problem that you might also be having with your computer is not being able to view attachments in emails that people have sent to you. Sometimes this may be due to the attached file being corrupted in some subtle fashion, but much more commonly this is caused by incorrect settings in your email program, or because you do not have a suitable program installed on your computer to open and display the type of file you have received.

Microsoft offer free 'viewer' programs for 'Microsoft Word' files, which usually end in '.doc', or '.docx', 'PowerPoint' slide-show files ending '.pps' or similar, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files, which end in '.xls'.

If you cannot open a '.pdf' file, then you probably need to install the free 'Acrobat Reader' software.

Many photo and video formats require a particular program to display correctly, but '.jpg', '.tif', or '.bmp' files should open with something you already have installed on your computer.

I can certainly identify exactly what is needed for you, and install the required software to allow you to view those troublesome attachments.

Perhaps the trouble you are having with email is in attaching files or pictures that you want to send other people, I can show you how to do this in an easy step-by-step fashion.